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Fire Extinguisher Inspections
- Certification as required by the State Fire Marshall's Office
- Compliance to mounting, visability, and indicator requirements
- Hoses checked for wear and flexibility
- Full Charge
- Completely functional

- Fire extinguishers
     Type:  ABC DRY CHEM, CO2, BC, P-K, HALON, to meet all codes
     Size:  All applicable
     Hanging, Wheeled, and Cart-op
Cabinets - wall mounted and reccessed
Brackets - standard and heavy duty
Extinguisher Indicator Signs
Fire Exit Signs
Emergency Exit Lights 
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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
- "Recharges" are completely rebuilt.

- 6 & 12 year maintenance
Extinguisher are cleaned inside and out. All seals, O-rings, and gaskets are replaced.  Springs, stems, and pressure gauges are visually and manually inspected, then replaced when needed.


Fire Code Compliance Inspection


Fire Extinguisher

Consultation and Estimate
New or existing
- offices
- industrial
- warehousing
- manufacturing
-multiple location
fire extinguisher placement, design,
and install


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Fire  Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting
Complete inspection of all bulbs, batteries, and connections.  Repair or replace as necessary to insure lights and back-up power are working properly.
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Fire Extinguisher Usage Training
We train on-site using video and discussion, and/or hands on training.  With hands on training, all employees will be required to put out a very hot fire.  This will enable your employees to feel more comfortable with fire extinguishers and they will be better prepared in case of a fire emergency.
Hoses and Hydrants
- Hoses are examined for leaks - reracked
- Hydrants flushed and inspected
Allied Fire Extinguisher Services and Sales is a Certified Distributor of high quality fire protection supplies and equipment.
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