There is SO much valuable information regarding fire safety, available on the web.  We  have decided to just list a few facts here and then provide links to some of the most informative sites we've found. 

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Fire - Little known facts and trivia
USFA - The United States Fire Association's Web Site
Fire Safety Fact Sheets - you can download and print from the U.S. Fire Association.  You need Adobe Acrobat Reader  to view and print these files.  You can download version 5.0 for free by following the link.
Fire doubles every 30 seconds.  Know when to fight a fire and when to leave!

Heat rises at 90 feet per second or approximately 60 mph.  So keep as close to the floor as you possibly can.  The air is also cleaner and less likely to contain any toxic gases from burning materials.

Approximately 90% of fire fatalities are in the home and 90% of the fatalities occur during the sleeping hours - 10pm. to 6am.

Know where all the exits are and make sure they are kept clear.  Inspect all exit and emergency exit lights and backup power regularly to insure they are working properly.

Learn the PASS system for using a portable fire extinguisher to fight a fire:
     P - Pull the pin on the extinguisher and break the plastic band
     A - Aim the nozzle at the BASE of the fire
     S - Apply Steady pressure to the handle while keeping your aim at the base of
           the fire
     S - Use a Sweeping motion to spray the base of the fire
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